We care for our hats and what to help you care for your hat too.

Swimbler hats

  • If you look after your hat. your hat will look after you,
  • Swimbler recommends hand wash only for both the Pom Pom hats and the Beanies.
  • Always remove the detachable Pom Pom, even though the Pom Pom is washable.
  • Always wash your hats inside out.
  • Always hang dry.
  • DO NOT spin dry.
  • DO NOT tumble dry your hat*.

*Customer feedback (not guarenteed by Swimbler)

  • Some customers have reported putting their hats in the tumble dryer for 30 seconds after it is washed and dried to bring the shape back

Swimbler Recommend – If you are sea swimming in choppy conditions that you remove your pompom before entering the sea.

Wash labels can be found on the inside your hat, but if you have removed or lost your label for some reason, you can find copies of all the labels below.